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"There is no such thing as an Idiot's Guide to Life," is what they say. Armed with but his journal, backpack, wallet and wits, Mathias Fowler will do everything in his power to prove to the world that there IS an Idiot's Guide, and not just for Core, but for Advanced Placement Life. Of course, he'll have to study up. ~+@+~ Early chapters are fairly tame, with profanity littering the pages. Later chapters will contain violence, gore, homo/heterosexual interactions, and disturbing imagery. PG-13 for the most part.

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June 17th, 2008, 2:24 am

BL to Straight.

Due to the sickening amount of Boy-shit stories on SmackJeeves, I've decided to NOT make Mattie and Colt bisexual as I originally intended. Sure, I'll suggest things here and there, since I am one of those raging faggots that set fire to trees when I walk past, but for the most part they're entirely straight. Really. You'll see boobies and everything.

For the most part, they'll act as brothers or close friends would. The rationale for this decision came from a comment I happened to read on a certain comic. It stated:

"I don't buy that Yaoi is a genre. How is it distinct from ordinary romance? Forbidden loves, conflicts between one's passion and one's duty, lust vs. reason, struggle for commitment, betrayal--it's all the same shit no matter who it's between.

Maybe gay and lesbian comics have some unique situations, such as discrimination or a crisis of identity, but at best that would make it a very subtle sub-genre. I just can't respect yaoi as its own genre because "they're men and they have buttsex" does not automatically constitute a unique and interesting story, no matter many people find themselves fascinated by homoeroticism."

I thought to myself: What a good point! I never thought of it that way. My plot doesn't even really need the gayness in it--I just did it because I thought, "Hey, I like cock, I'll make my characters like it too."

But then I noticed after a while that I started falling into the old stereotypes and generalizations of BL "manga": In particular, the roles of seme and uke, inner conflict, drama, etc. I didn't want that! Eugh!

I also read an article somewhere in either the New York Times, or the BBC News Network about how homosexual relationships tend to set both members on an equal level, as opposed to the traditional egalitarian structure of straight relationships. Something about how the gender-roles are less prevalent in gay relationships since they're of the same sex, and how they can relate to each other more easily since they're wired similarly, resulting in typically more stable relationships. I'm not saying gays are better or anything, but the communication between the two in the relationship tends to flow well.

That being said, I have no preference to the sexual orientation of my characters, but I do have plans on their method of communication. The entire plot does not revolve around love and sex. Love is only secondary!

Seriously, I know love is a hot-topic and all, but it gets trite after a point. I want my story to have a much more profound meaning than what I typically see in games and fiction nowadays: That love, friendship, goodness and blind faith will lead you to the best possible of worlds. That's just too fucking optimistic. The real world's modus operandi is focused more on common sense, logic, and loopholes.

I am going to stress this:

If you are staying for the art or the plot, I appreciate you in as many ways as possible, and I wish I could express that somehow. However, if you're simply sticking around for the romantic bullshit DRAMAOHMAHGAWED that should ensue with EVERY typical BL, or that one MAGICAL moment when Mattie gets a cock shoved up his ass, you are completely out of luck. I suggest you reassess your priorities and consider whether or not you're really faving this comic because it does something for you, or because it has some promise of sex and nudity.

tl;dr? This is basically a big F.U. to those who thought IGTAPL was gonna be just another goddamn shonen-ai.

May 13th, 2007, 8:25 pm

Hay guys.


Welcome to my semi-structured comic! It's still in the works right now, but hopefully I can get the entire plot down (I really want this to be 3924783 pages long), and consistently work on this in the future.

:3 If you want to submit any character designs for the many instances within the comic, you may O: Haha. :D

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