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IGTAPL was initially a thought project I was working on ever since the 5th grade. Well, back then, I was still fleshing out the characters and stuff.

It is, in and of itself, my lifetime culminating project. I never intended it to become a comic, but seeing as though I didn't exactly know how to write in third-person narrative until around 11th grade, I thought it would probably be my best bet at getting my message across to other people.

It was supposed to be a very serious comic, with Mattie being an emo little bitch, and blood and guts flying all over the place, but that has long since changed.

In conjunction with the comic itself, I'm working on producing a lengthy fiction on which the two should relate. I mean, granted, they won't be perfectly symmetrical, but they should follow the same plot line.

It includes everything I've ever learned in life up to the present, and, since the present ever changes, is constantly evolving. I'm literally packing in everything - I'm just expecting the readers to occasionally reach out and grab something out of it.


Not until I finish the first chapter, or else this will be FULL of spoilers.

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